Youth Sports Nutrition Workshop

More and more, coaches, organizations and leagues are seeing the importance of nutrition in their young athlete’s success and athletic performance. Yet, there is so much confusion about what the young athlete needs, nutritionally.

  • How many calories do they need?
  • How much protein?
  • What are their fluid needs?
  • What are the recommendations for supplements and special diets?
  • How do you put all the science recommendations together to create a well-fueled athlete who is ready to train and compete?

That’s where I come in! I have a youth sports nutrition workshop that details the basics for young athletes, outlining the current research and translating it to practical, everyday feeding and food that any parent can implement. From calories, protein, vitamins and minerals to hydration, supplements and special diets, my workshop covers it all, and more!

I offer a youth sports nutrition workshop that is geared to your athlete’s age, sport and status (beginner, recreational, elite). I couple this general session with individual one-on-one counseling sessions for families who are interested in more specific advice for their young athlete.

It’s a unique package, no doubt! Contact me for more information and pricing.


“What an incredible experience! Jill’s presentation was not only extraordinarily thorough, but tremendously well researched. Her approach to nutrition for young athletes made real connections that the athletes were able to employ right out of the talk. Parent and athlete feedback has been VERY positive…and everyone sends their thanks!”

— Mike McCauley, Head Coach, Premier Aquatics Club of Keene, TX