Table of Contents — Eat Like a Champion


  • Nutrition Is the Secret Weapon
  • Nutrition and the Young Athlete
  • Why You Need Eat Like a Champion

Part I — Nutrition Rules and Regulations

1. The Growing Athlete: Body and Brain

  • Growing for the Gold
  • Matching Calories for Growth and Sport
  • When the Growing Gets Tough
  • Cracking the Brain Code

2. The Starting Lineup: Major Nutrients

  • Busting the Myths About Carbohydrates
  • Protein: Getting Past the Hype
  • Fat Can Be Your Friend

3. The Second String: Vitamins and Minerals

  • The Purpose and Function of Vitamins and Minerals
  • Critical Vitamins and Minerals for the Young Athlete
  • Eating a Well-Balanced Diet
  • The Pros and Cons of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

4. The Relief Pitcher: Fluids and Hydration

  • Thermoregulation: Keeping Your Body’s AC Running
  • The Dangers of Dehydration
  • Hydrate for Health
  • Double-Check Your Young Athlete’s Hydration Status
  • What to Drink: The Beverages of Choice
  • Getting Practical with Healthy Drinks

Part II — Play-by-Play Eating

5. Game Plan—One, Two, Three Meals!

  • Focus on the Family Meal
  • Making Everyday Food Good Food
  • The Mealtime Environment: Keeping It Happy
  • Cooking When Time Is Tight
  • Getting Meals on the Table
  • Eating Right When Eating Out

6. Take a Time Out—Top Off with Snacks

  • Snacking for Success
  • Why Should Athletes Snack?
  • Who Gets a Snack?
  • Healthy Snacks Rule!
  • Snack Recipes for the Athlete

7. Foul Play—Supplements and Performance Aids

  • The Scoop on Supplements
  • Supplements Used by Young Athletes
  • Weighing the Risks
  • Managing Supplements in the Young Athlete

Part III — Clearing the Hurdles

8. Getting Off the Bench—Healing the Body with Food

  • Common Hurdles Set Up by Inadequate Nutrition
  • Injuries and the Role of Nutrition
  • Chronic Medical Challenges

9. The Special Diet Dilemma

  • Diets, Dieting, and the Young Athlete
  • Mainstream Diets: Do They Deliver?
  • Understanding the Needs of the Vegetarian Athlete

10. Changing the Youth Sports Nutrition Landscape

  • The Big Offenders
  • Bucking the System